It’s really an exciting experience with a new fish tank. And, you need to add your new fish. So, what’s the best fish choice for a 2.5-gallon tank? In order to answer this question, let’s take a look at this writing to learn about the best fish for 2.5-gallon tanks these days. All of them are suitable to keep in a small tank.

Choose the Economical Fish Tanks

Many customers choose to buy small fish tanks due to many positive reasons. First, these tanks are more affordable than others. In addition, it’s also easier to care as well as maintain. If you want to keep your fish healthy and happy, you need to clean the tank regularly. Like people, your fish also don’t want to live in a dirty. You will feel more tired when cleaning your fish tank if you choose bigger and heavy tanks. Furthermore, you can get the adjustability and flexibility from smaller tanks. A small tank allows you to place it anywhere you like such as in your home office, in the kids’ playroom, in the living room, and more.

Things to Consider for Your Fish Bowl

Fish Size

As an owner, you should give your fish enough room to be comfortable in. So, it’s time to think about the fish size in relation to the fishbowl. In fact, if you have a small tank, consider choosing the smaller fish. In addition to the fish size, there are also some different factors you need to consider.


Many people want to add tropical fish to their bowl or tank. These fish can do best in between 70 and 78 F. But, some of them can require higher temperatures, while some require lower ones. It’s important to keep the temperature consistent. If the temperature changes suddenly, your fish can be more susceptible to disease and parasites.

Ammonia and Waste

It’s not a good idea to feed your fish extra food for the weekend. It can lead to excessive waste as well as any leftover food in the tank. By cycling your tank properly, you can prevent your fish from the death in the future.


This factor is also important when you use a fish tank. In fact, improper lighting can lead to high water temperatures. Avoid using incandescent bulbs because they can prevent you from controlling the water temperature. Don’t put your tank directly in front of a window. We recommend you to look for a bowl with a lid that comes with a light. LED is considered the best light.

The Best Fish for Small Gallon Tanks

Zebra Snails

They are in 1 inch. They are very popular in freshwater aquariums. The fact is that it’s not easy to feed them in a freshwater tank. These snails can be able to remove debris and algae from your fish tank. As a result, you can keep the tank clean. It’s easy to identify these snails through their vivid black as well as their gold stripes. The Zebra snails are also easy to take care of.

Betta Fish

This kind of fish is one of the best suitable fish you can keep in a bowl or a small tank. They are clean fish. Especially, these fish don’t grow to be large sized-fish. Moreover, these fish can be able to live in a tank without filtration. Also, you needn’t change their water frequently if you want to prevent toxins from building up. However, you only should keep one male in each tank, if more they will fight.

Small Tetras

They are various, so they are good choices for a small aquarium. Actually, these fish are peaceful. They are keen on hiding places. There are some of Tetras fish you can keep in a small tank such as Cardinal tetra, Neon tetra, Ruby tetra, Lemon tetra, and Black tetra.

Bloodfin Tetras

These fish are small, so they are good for keeping in a small tank. They are known for their unique characteristics of the silver body. One highlighted point of this type is that they can be able to live up to 10 years if you give them the right care and treatments. They are active fish. For your small tank, we recommend you to keep five fish at maximum. It’s easy to keep them in groups because they’re peaceful. They are easy to become shy if you only keep one fish.

Small Live Bearers

This is also a great choice for a small aquarium. Normally, these fish will generate more waste than Tetras. That’s why you should consider reducing the number of fish. In fact, you will have to get some baby fish soon to take care of. It’s essential to leave some room for the fish’s offspring. Plus, these fish are available in various colors.

Cory Catfish

You can add these fish to any size tank you want. Because most of their adults are small size, they are ideal for small aquariums. It’s best to keep them in groups of at least three. Avoid keep them singly because these fish cannot be able to thrive alone. These fish are peaceful fish. The fish is an indispensable choice for a small aquarium because of the combination of personality and utility. That’s why we advise you to add this fish type to your tank.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

They are small and hardy fish, so they are also great for a small tank. These fish are tolerant of many temperatures as well as water conditions. Moreover, these fish are peaceful as well. So, you can keep them with other small fish like tetras. They can be able to live in cold temperature very well. They can be able to live up to 5 years if they get the proper care.

Small Barbs

Small Bards are another choice for your small tank. Prime examples include the Checkerboard Bard or the Cherry Barb. It’s best to keep these fish in a group of at least 5 or more. You shouldn’t keep a small number of these fish. It can result in aggressiveness between barbs.


These fish allow you to adjust them to any condition as well as temperature. These fish are small and active fish. You can feed them almost anything. Especially, these fish are seen with unique bright horizontal stripes. That’s why they are noticeable. It’s a good idea to keep them in groups at the top of water surface.

Black Molly

This type of fish is known for their high flexibility and adaptability. They can be able to live in freshwater, saltwater, as well as brackish water. This fish is ideal for your small tank. They allow you to get a community fish with many different types. If you keep both male and female fish in a tank, it can result in Black Molly babies. But, the kids require enough vegetation to hide. Otherwise, their parents can eat them. If you have a small tank, you shouldn’t have a couple in the tank.

Black Skirt Tetra

For this type of fish, it’s important to buy a couple at least. Even, you can buy a group of them as long as your tank’s big enough to keep them. This type is one of the best tetra fish for beginners. These fish are peaceful fish. You should consider adding plants and rocks for their hiding spots.

Kuhli Loach

These fish actually live on the bottom of the tank. In fact, they tend to hide when it’s daytime. If you plan to keep these fish in your tank, it’s essential to make a cave or tunnel for their hiding spots. More importantly, you need to choose the food carefully. It’s best to choose ones that can sink to the bottom.


These fish are popular choices for beginners because of their wide array of varieties. You can keep them in a community fish. It’s important to keep the babies away from other fish. Otherwise, they can be eaten by other members of the tank. You should feed them freeze-fired or flake food. In addition, you can also feed them the algae if you want to keep the tank clean.


These fish can be able to live for a long time with proper care. Also, these fish are passive. If you are looking for a type that can help to add colors into your tank, choose these fish due to their bright colors.

Wild-type Guppies

If you are seeking for a bit more exotic fish, this is your choice. The wild-type guppies just live a few quarts of water. The fish is extremely diverse in looking. You only have to pay about ten cents per fish. Normally, these fish are kept in cramped conditions. It’s important to quarantine as well as remove any sickly ones from the group. You may need a help from an antibacterial medicine for the treatment.

Salt and Pepper Corydoras

These fish are well known for their ability to clean up after themselves. These scavenger catfish actually grow to be about ¾ to 1 inch. It’s best to keep them in groups with plant life in your bowls or tanks. These fish are also peaceful fish. They eat small fish flakes. They are also suitable to keep in between 77-88F. These fish can do better in a small bowl or tank.

Blind Cave Tetras

This is a good choice for your tank with the cold water. With these fish, you needn’t add supplemental heat as well as bright lighting. However, it’s a good idea to give them a small cave to hide in. The fact is that these fish can jump when they get stressed. That’s why you need to set up a screen for the top of the bowl.

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