Betta fish are attractive fish due to their vibrant colours as well as their long fins and tails. In order to keep them healthy and enhance the natural beauty, you need to plan your tank with plants. They are important to put together your perfect tank. Keep reading this article to find out the best plants for betta tanks. They are the most popular live plants for your betta aquarium.

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Some of the Best Plants for Betta Tanks

Amazon Sword

This plant is one of the most popular choices for betta tanks and aquarium. It’s easy to take care of them. So, they are also a good choice for beginners. Its name is from the shape of the leaves. In fact, these plants come from the Amazon basin. There is a wide range of varieties of this plant. It’s best to choose this plant for 3-4 inches of substrate.


If you are looking for a terrific choice for beginner aquarists, you should consider Anacharis. This plant is a wispy, long, and ferny plant. Moreover, they have long arms that are ideal for covering a wall in your tank. In addition, this plant is easy to care for. Thus, you needn’t get such a green thumb in order to keep it in your tank. This plant can be able to be kept in a range of water quality and temperatures. There is no root. Because this plant can grow fairly large, sometimes you need to trim it. Because of its absorption ammonia from water, it can be able to help clean your tank. At the same time, it can help to keep your fish healthy. Plus, it can prevent blue-green algae. These plants can be able to be kept from 40-77 F.


This type is available in many different pieces. And, Anubias is one of the most popular ones. They are bright green in colour. They include large leaves with a flowing look. It allows you to choose some varieties of floating Anubias for your betta tank. They promise to give your fish lots of places to hide or sleep. They can be able to grow well in low lighting. You should keep them in temperatures between 71-81F.


A bamboo is also a great option for many betta owners. It’s ideal for a small bowl or tank. However, you need to avoid letting any of their leaves enter the water. Otherwise, it can pollute the water.


It can be able to thrive in a range of temperatures as well as water conditions. That’s why we list this plant here. It’s a spreading plant floating on the surface of the water. It’s important to maintain it regularly to avoid blocking the betta from bumping. Its shape can also give your fish great hiding places. Furthermore, your fish can get nutrients from the water that it sucked out. These plants can be capable of thriving in temperature between 56-85F.


These plants are known for a light and airy look. They are also popular for their ability to provide oxygen into aquarium water. It’s great to consider hornwort for your betta tank. These plants require you to maintain regularly. The fact is that this plant can grow very quickly. The plant can thrive best in a wide temperature range from 40-95F.

Java Fern

Java Fern is a great option for a betta tank. It can be able to thrive in the same conditions as your betta’s condition. They have rough and wrinkled leaves. In addition, it has long arms. This plant can grow fast, so it’s essential to pull some leaves off the plant if needed. It’s not essential to bury the plant’s rhizome. Otherwise, it can rot. This plant is considered as a great additional filter for the water. You can keep it in temperatures from 65-85F.

Java Moss

It’s a furry plant. It’s mentioned one of the easiest live plants you can keep in your tank. This plant is ideal for beginners or those who are finding one for low-maintenance plants. It can be grown into a kind of carpet on the tank floor. It doesn’t require you to plant with its rhizome in the substrate. The plant can grow fast in cooler water. Therefore, you have to trim it once it gets too big. On the contrary, it will grow slowly in the warmer water. It can handle most typical tank conditions. That’s why it’s recommended highly for many aquariums. It does best in between 65-80F.

Peace Lily

This kind of plan has become popular for many recent years. But, many specialists advise not to choose this plant if you don’t have enough room. It’s best to choose it for a large tank. We recommend you to create a structure in order to support it at the surface. At the same time, it helps to leave the plant’s roots dangling.

Water Sprite

The Water Sprite can absorb ammonia easily. So, it’s perfect to keep your aquarium water clean as well as healthy. Also, this plant can be able to grow quickly. It can give your fish hiding spots thanks to its roots and leaves. It can do best in temperatures from 64-82F. However, you shouldn’t change the temperature, PH, heat, or others suddenly.

Live or Synthetic Plants

Synthetic Plants

If you are looking for ones that don’t require any maintenance, you should choose synthetic plants. It’s not essential to worry about the health of the plants. These plants promise to give your fish plenty of hiding spot options. There is a variety of choices for both plastic plants and silk. Also, there is a lot of choices in shape and colour. But, your fish won’t get a natural environment to live in. In addition, you also need to clean the plants carefully if you change the water.

Live Plants

These plants produce oxygen that helps your fish to breathe. Also, it provides your fish with a natural environment. They are various with a wide range of options in many different shades and shapes. They are easy to maintain. But, it’s important to pay attention to their size. If you let these plants grow too big, your fish cannot get enough space to swim and breathe. In addition, these plants require the proper environment to survive. Once they are starting to die, it’s essential to remove them right now. Furthermore, some of them may be toxic. That’s why you should do some research before you decide to put them in your tank.

Various Plants

The fact is that your betta can get benefit from a little fibre in their diet. So, give them natural plants for extra fibre while you needn’t add fresh peas and other kinds of vegetables to their diet. Thus, it’s a good idea to add live plants to your tank in order to maintain the optimum health.

Plastic Plants

These plants are made safely for most pet fish. However, they can catch their tail of fin on a rough edge of these plants because of their long tails and fins. So, these plants can hurt your betta. So, it’s best to choose soft and pliable plastic plants instead of hard or rough ones.

Silk Plants

These choices are a good alternative to plastic ones. Indeed, they are softer than plastic plants. So, your fish won’t hurt themselves. But, these plants won’t give the same benefits as the live plants like filtration, oxygenation, and others.

Things to Consider When Choosing Plants for Betta

There are some essential things you need to consider when choosing plants for your betta. First, you should choose one that’s suitable for your budget. Then, you can easily look for the suitable one for your preferences. Ensure to give live plants a great source of light. Only by this, they can thrive in your aquarium. In addition, live plants also need fertilizer. It’s easy to get hold of liquid, plug, and tablet fertilizers at any good shops. Another factor you need to consider is determining whether you need to heat your tank or not. In fact, some plants can do better in heated water while some others will thrive better in unheated water. In conclusion, you need to create the proper environment to take care of live plants.


As discussed above, there are a lot of excellent planting choices to choose from when it comes to choosing plants for betta tanks. So, it’s easy to choose from plants that offer many different features such as rooted, floating, flat-leaved, long-leafed, hardy or delicate. With a wide range of options to choose from, you need to determine the best one for your betta tank you own. Don’t forget to consider lighting level, oxygenation, water movement, as well as ammonia saturation. Next, choose the live plants that can work best in your aquarium.

Every betta has their own favour. Some of them like to hide in the shade of plan leaf, while some others like to nestle up against floating roots. So, it’s best to try out a few different plants. Then, choose ones that can do best.

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